While studying Musical Theatre Performance at The University of Michigan, a friend suggested to Eli that he should try being a music director. Eli said, “Yeah, that’d be cool!” A month later, Eli officially saw his name under the title Music Direction for the first time.


Eli’s skill and enjoyment for playing an array fretted instruments and keys has recently landed him in the Associate MD chair as a substitute on Broadway’s FIRST DATE: THE MUSICAL.  He later went on to subsitute at Broadway’s VIOLET.


Eli has been music director and orchestrator for numerous musical productions, of multiple styles, in New York and around the country. His years of experience as a professional guitarist, along with his knowledge of various musical styles and backgrounds, has enabled him to enjoy music directing with his guitar as well as from behind the piano. Working with prominent musical theatre composers, Eli has had the pleasure of sharing in the production of new musical theatre as well as the classic repertoire that he has enjoyed his entire career.


 Music Director CV 


 Eli Zoller